Class Notes #6 - Starting the Energy Series

Today was the first in a new class series of 5 where we will spend a little time exploring this concept of what we're made of, who we really are and what we can do to maximise our health.

Today I shared the thoughts of how we take our bodies for granted and forget our true nature. We forget that our bodies are hugely, incredibly complex, intricate and powerful. Our bodies are strong and robust and at the same time, delicate.

We forget that we are energy-beings. Our nerves generate electricity through the differential between sodium and potassium flowing in opposite directions along either side of the membrane surrounding them. We run on electricity - enough to charge an iPhone in 70 hours! The proper and free flow of energy through our bodies is what keeps us healthy and vital.

I share with you my raw class notes on the Nadis - the body's energetic irrigation system. We looked at the 3 main nadis - Shushumna - the body's great river; Ida & Pingala that spiral around it. The fundamental nature of the nadis is to flow like water, to find the path of least resistance and nourish everything in their path.

If you don't like connect with this poetic Indian language, Nadis are the tubular structures of the body - arteries, veins, capillaries, bronchioles, nerves, lymph canals etc. You can visualise Ida & Pingala around the spinal column.

In summary, I leave you with the thought - as you move through the hecticness and pressures of everyday life - don't forget what a miracle of biology you are and that you are made to move.

My raw class notes - the reminder of the key points I wanted to share...

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