What do I want to embody as a teacher?  What do I want people to take away from a class?

Yoga Like Water: June Class Assignment

I’ve known for a long time I have the ‘archetype’ teacher as this has come out in things like Myers Briggs assessments, but I dislike & shy away from the idea of setting myself apart, being the one up front and putting myself in a position where I apparently know more than others. I’m also terrible (and getting worse) at public speaking!

What I’ve come to realise through various experiences over time is that this ‘teacher’ spontaneously takes over me when I’m sharing my passion. Its in these moments that I feel truly myself. This is what has brought me back to a place of wanting to teach yoga again.

I’ve also more recently realised that my less usual start in life means that almost all my life has been dedicated into the process of enquiry and self improvement, largely through yoga, meditation, existential enquiry, psychology, nutrition and the concept of food as medicine, energy practices and exercise more generally. I’ve learned practically and for myself the true value of these positive practices along with the stumbling blocks that often hold us back and the many and various ways we tend to get in our own way along the path.

I’ve realised that we are in fact perfection - we are not broken and nothing needs to be fixed. If only we could stop spending so much of our energy tying ourselves up in ‘nots’, making ourselves wrong, smaller, less…..and instead just relax, lighten up and just be, be our true selves, free in body and mind, unrestricted, powerful and gentle, wise and peaceful.

I want to embody wisdom and the confidence that comes from deep understanding of yoga [all 8 limbs and more] and of the valuable practices and tools that I’ve learned help us understand our human experience and most of all to emanate the energy field of possibility to those around me, of lightness, of ease, of ‘can’.

I want people to take away a working grasp of the many and varied practical tools that enable them to let shit go and at least start down the path of greater health, mental and physical strength and flexibility, self acceptance and equanimity.

I want anyone who spends any time with me - on or off the mat - to take away a feeling of their own perfection, how they are far more capable in body and mind than they ever thought possible and how they themselves are in control their own health and wellbeing.

I mean how many people would treat a dog the way they treat themselves?! Would they chain it a desk all day, feed it junk food, give it no sunlight, no exercise, hardly any fresh air, water or sleep and then expect their pet to be happy, healthy and live a long life?

Helping people realise this and take their power back and live the fullest expression of their life that they can - this is my true passion.

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