Esme Sanz - 07967 392283
Its not an exaggeration to say that meeting & working with Esme has changed my life for the better in a very big way :)
Its hard to describe in a way what she does without sounding a bit like a crazy tree-hugger!!   
You can think about what she does a couple of different ways:
- counselling without words perhaps..
- meditation facilitator where mediating with her raises your vibration such that you shake off all the 'dust' that's accumulated on your energy body, leaving you feeling progressively more connected and amazing certainly...
- energy healing for which I've both personally experienced and medically witnessed - amazing and effective and 'belief' doesn't come into it!
- amazing coach who helps you make radical changes to your life, particuarly health related,
She lives in West London but we've known and partnered with each other for a while, hence her visits to South London :)
Sven - 07434 739670
Sven is a local guy originally from Germany who has a very gentle but wise and upbeat energy about him.
Sven is thrilled by the connection between the mind and body.  'How can we explore this cycle of well-thinking and well-being.  What do we wee when we slow down time to the speed for thought?
What happens if we synchronise our emotions with our thinking apparatus?  Having explored the impact of mental states to performance in sports as a teenager he reached into using techniques  to learn more by observing the mind's activity later.
Sven is a long term meditator and has spend more that 2 years in buddgest monasteries, partly as an ordained member of a Thai Forest Tradition.
His down to earth meditation aims to us meditation as a tool to see the world clearly and respond constructively to whatever life thows at us.  We can generate enormous insite and brightness when we learn how to focus intelligently using Awarness & Mindfulnness, 
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