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"For me yoga isn't about making beautiful shapes with your body, much as that might be great to look at on Instagram.  Yoga is a vehicle for self-mastery.  It's about undoing the things that prevent you from feeling free in body and mind.  I feel it is those that are the most stiff and stuck that benefit the most from the broader practice of Yoga" - Sam  


Perfect Stillness
Sunday Morning Yoga Forest Hill
Yoga Like Water for Lululemon
Yoga Like Water for Lululemon
Yoga Like Water for Lululemon
Waterfall Yoga Open Air Thailand

Sam's Background:

In 2018 something remarkable happened.  


What had been very separate strands of my life: my corporate career, my own personal journey of growth & self-mastery through yoga & mediation; my love of mentoring; my strong personal drive to be the best I can be fuelling an interest in neuroscience, nutrition, biohacking and whole-person health have converged.


As a certified NLP Practitioner and Professional Coach I combine ancient wisdom and modern techniques from the leading edge of coaching, various scientific disciplines and more to help you unlock your full potential and live a truly unlimited life.  Speak to me to find out more about working with me.

My journey in Yoga, Meditation and Energy work started more than 20 years ago, finding a solution to serious digestive problems that plagued me through my teens and early twenties - a legacy of a bumpy start in life.


Unusually for a yogi perhaps, I'm neither super flexible nor super skinny - what I am is a yogi with a well-established mediation practice and passion for vitality, amidst the hustle and bustle of a real working life in the City, where I've been both an entrepreneur and built a strong corporate career in Risk reaching Director level.  


This gives me a unique, practical perspective on deploying these ancient wisdoms within modern city life - constantly balancing that which makes me tight with the expansion that the eight limbs of yoga gives me.


Let's face it - it’s easy to feel great on retreat in a beautiful exotic location isolated from the real world - our goal in these unstable times - is to harness and master this state in the our every day life when faced with all our usual stresses and challenges that real life throws at us!  

My top wellness tip:  


If you had a dog, you never walked it, fed it junk food and tied it to a computer for 11 hours a day and only let it sleep for 5 hours a night, how do you think it would behave and how long do you think it would live?!   Please - don’t do this to yourself :) 


Notable teachers I’ve trained or am training with:

  • Samma Fabian inspired by the work of Dona Holleman Dancing the Body of Light  [initial 500 hour teacher training in 2002]

  • John Scott - Ashtanga

  • Ambra Vallo @ambrasana on instagram


Special credit to my current regular teachers:

  • Dan Peppiatt  

  • Felix Price - UAMSA - Urban Avatars

  • Marc Aquaviva Yoga - inspired by the work of Vanda Scaravelli who also inspired Dona Holleman 


Why Yoga Like Water?


 The flow of water is extremely powerful and yet effortless. The incredible Bruce Lee said "You must become formless, like water.  When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup.  When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle.  When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot.  Water can drip and it can crash.  Be like water my friend."


Annie Poole

"Thank you @sammysamkiani @chasinglightscollective for tonight's yoga @lululemonuk
Such a dreamy class  
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